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My experience brought me to manage many different projects along the way. Solving difficult problems and imagining creative solutions. That's how I discovered my passion for unique concepts and experiences. Still partnering with key brands to make it come to life.


If you want your brand to stand out, have a look at my services!

As said, putting things together in a different & meaningful way, this is definitely me!

So allow me to introduce myself as my preferred product i.e coffee!

Feel ready to discover my story - hly style?

If you would like to refer to more traditional elements, this is for sure also fine and you have many options:

- get to know me through my colleagues reviews

- have a glimpse of my career

- check out my LinkedIn profile

- or simply send me a note


I'll get back shortly, promise! 

Please take 2 minutes to tell me about our collaboration, highly appreciate it!

Dear clients, dear colleagues,

If you are reading this page, means that our path crossed at some point and I truly value your point of view.

Hope you enjoyed working with me but even if not.

Would love to get your feelings, comments, advices, wishes, you name it...

Thank you so much for your precious time!

See you soon again,


Global Sales & Marketing Executive

Working with Hülya is the guarantee to have a great experience on 2 levels:

- work wise she get things done and always deliver on time. Very reliable, she is definitely a true asset.

- and on top it is a pleasure to collaborate with her: she is always willing to help others and always smiling.


Global Retail & Sales Analyst

I have had the opportunity and pleasure to collaborate with Hülya on many successful international projects. Thanks to her leadership and operational expertise, this has always been very enriching to me. Cherry on the cake, her creativity took us on exploring unusual paths. Talking about exploration, Hlyworld is definitely someplace to look into!


Financial Analyst

I had the pleasure of working with Hülya a couple of yours ago in P&G. She had a great eye for detail and excellent collaboration skills especially when it came to working with sales supervisors that were usually at various remote locations all over the world. I wish her all the best and I’m excited to see her future projects.


Finance Officer

I had the pleasure of working with Hülya for a couple of years at Procter & Gamble. She was a dedicated team player, an expert in her field and always had positive attitude towards work and colleagues. I am happy to be in touch still with Hülya on a personal level, as well.


Marketing Manager

Hülya is an absolute pro and a great sparring partner when it comes to tackling challenges. She works very structured, has great problem solving skills, yet is creative and stays calm even when the storm hits.

I appreciate her positive attitude and the dedication she puts in her projects, professionally and personally alike, as well as the strong will to change things for the better. She is a great addition to a team,

I wish her all the best!


Marketing Manager

Working with Hülya was such an absolute pleasure. Her positive outlook and disposition for each project that we worked on together at Swatch made my job so much easier. Hülya is a problem solver, team player and quick to think on her feet which is what you need amidst tight deadlines. She is organized, calm and has fantastic energy especially in the most difficult of projects. I would be so lucky to get to work with Hülya again in the future. She is true asset to any team.


Global Supply Chain

Inventory Manager

I had the pleasure to work with Hülya at the beginning of my career when I joined P&G in her team. She was a very good trainer and an experienced project manager. Thanks to her I learned all I needed to know pretty quickly. She is a very organized, collaborative and passionate leader, also a very nice person and I definitely miss working with her!


Head of Press Relations

Hülya is a kind, caring and a wonderful person. She is a joy to work with as she is a team player and always thinks in 360 degrees for what is best for the company and the team. She is efficient, quick and dedicated, yet what I'd emphasis is that she is a great person, easy to communicate with, honest, funny and extremely likable for all. She’s a wonderful asset in any team!


Marketing Manager

Hülya has been a tremendous business partner over the years, reliable, on time and delivering quality work. I was impressed by her ingenuity and problem solving skills.


Director Global Business Development

I had the pleasure to have Hülya in my team when I was leading the Travel Europe business. She has demonstrated a strong ability to successfully lead her projects from design to execution (end to end), to deliver great results by engaging her colleagues and making them knowledgeable, and to work collaboratively with all key stakeholders both internally and externally. She is a problem solver and has a "can do" attitude which is always really appreciated. I can only recommend her, and I know she will be a great asset for any organisations that have ambitious goals.


Project Manager

I had the pleasure of meeting Hülya while working for major FMCG companies. I really appreciated our collaboration for many reasons. To name a few:

- her communication was proactive and clear

- her work was complete, on time, and of good quality

- her collaboration was professional but I also enjoyed getting to know her personally.

- regardless of the task, she got the job done.

Hülya is someone you want in your team as she will put herself on the line for the success of the group without having to wonder if she will do it. You know, she will!


Marketing Manager / Founder

I had a beautiful and close collaboration with Hülya from 2014 to 2016, when I was working at a multinational FMCG company. Hülya is an action-oriented, results-driven leader with a pragmatic and efficient approach to all matters, which made our collaboration smooth, fun and motivating. What I love about Hülya is not just how reliable and high-quality working with her felt at every moment, but also her well-developed soft skills, emotional intelligence and empathy, which are the key qualities to look for when working in a massive brand and team of more than 70 people. Good luck in your new endeavour Hülya! I can only be sure about the satisfaction of your future clients and partners!


Accounting & Controlling Specialist

Hülya's creativity and quick thinking hit me when I first met her at Swatch. Her ability to analyze situations and imagine various scenarios and solutions are definitely a big asset to guarantee success in any project. Always calm and smiling, Hülya is a person that transmits good energy.


Regional Sales Leader

I worked with Hülya during several years at Procter and Gamble. I was amazed by her level of professionalism on complex project management. She always knew how to handle stress and clear action steps. Also she is a creative person in term of ideas or solutions and I definitely recommend her for any of your projects.


Global Business Development Manager

I had the opportunity to closely work with Hülya in Procter & Gamble for several years, and I must say it was an absolute pleasure. She is a professional from head to toe. She is extremely reliable, always adding value to any meeting, project or discussion, thanks to her strategic mindset. Her experience and knowledge also set her aside. On a more personal note, she is well-spoken, joyful, always with a smile on her face and ready to lend a hand. A true team player, she is always appreciated by her team. Any company would be lucky to have her!


Education Manager

The dream colleague is what comes to my mind when I think about Hülya. I have had the pleasure of working with her for 3 years on the Gucci brand. Being a true team player, she has been a respectful and well appreciated colleague by everyone. Hülya has great ability to deal with conflicting priorities in high-pressure situations, while still maintaining a calm attitude. Her creative and strategic thinking helped her becoming a trustful partner providing outstanding solutions to reach her and the team goals. Hülya will be a trustful asset to any company and I wish her all the best for the future.


E-learning Developer

I had the pleasure to work with Hülya on different projects. She has a very strong sense of organization as well as great project management skills. She always comes up with creative ideas and is a real team player. Her solution oriented mindset always allow her to solve any problem. Hülya is a great person and every single new collaboration with her is a pleasure!


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